LSQ Manufactured Paving Flags

At LSQ Garden Landscape we are pround to manufacture our own unique range of inexpensive paving flags which come in 4 sizes:

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 600mm
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 600mm x 900mm

and we can supply in 6 colours:

  • Mid-grey
  • Natural
  • Grey
  • Buff
  • Light Autumn Brown
  • Autumn Brown

We  offer these in an affordable, replica Indian stone 4 pattern effect.
Our paving slabs can be sold as retail to the general public, Tradesmen or we can supply and fit the pavers.
Although affordable they are still strong enough for use of driveways and Patios etc.
These sizes can help create fantastic looking patios, driveways and paths by combining these various sizes as shown below and you can view examples of our work on our portfolio page.

LSQ manufactured flags 5 sizes
Manor tile pattern
napoli garden flag pattern